3 day driver licence check code limit extended to 21 days by DVLA

Category: Legislation

On 8th July 2015 Driving Licence Paper Counterparts were replaced by HM Government with an online service allowing the access and sharing of a drivers history by the generation of a single use check code for drivers to send to car and van hire companies.

Initially the requirement was to restrict drivers to providing their details to vehicle hire and rental companies within a three day window of collecting the vehicle, but no earlier.

However, the resulting queues at vehicle rental desks and industry feedback has persuaded the DVLA to extend the validity period of the check code generated to 21 days for motorists to share their driving licence details – making it easier for customers to arrive prepared for their car rental pick-up.

As of this date paper driving licence counterparts are no longer issued with the photocard driving licence and existing paper counterparts are no longer accepted as valid documentation of the driver history.

Please go here to see the 4 easy steps access your driver history online.

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