Air Quality Certificate

As of February this year, France has introduced ‘clean air’ windscreen stickers, as a legal requirement in three of its major cities (Paris, Lyon and Grenoble but may be expanded to more towns in the future), to identify a vehicle’s emissions levels.

We are advising all of our Licensees to make your customers aware that driving without a France ‘clean air’ sticker, called a Crit’Air Vignette- which costs as little as £3.20 – makes them culpable for an on-the-spot fine of up to £117, if they intend to drive into any of these cities.

The stickers are available online on the official Crit’Air website but can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered, so please factor this timeframe in when advising drivers and applying for the certificate.

Key points about these stickers:

  • From 31 March 2017, all eligible foreign-registered vehicles must display an appropriate sticker, or face a fine, if entering Paris, Lyon or Grenoble
  • To obtain a sticker, please visit the official Crit’Air website.
  • Please be aware some other sites are offering stickers that are non-official and more expensive, so VRS advise to use the above site only.
  • Stickers can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered
  • Fines between €68 and €135 (between £59 and £117) are in place

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