Team C Express are a very pro-active Norfolk-based logistics firm, with a strong customer base, and FVTH are pleased to have supported them for the several years, working alongside their other existing vehicle services. In their 24/7 business FVTH can give Team C the assistance needed so that they can offer their customers the highest quality service.  One of FVTH strengths is to achieve the level of out-of-hours commitment that is required, something that other suppliers had failed to match on a consistent basis.

Working across the UK, FVTH can leverage vendor relationships to add extra support where and when needed.  The two businesses are aligned to meeting both short-term and long-term commitments, and bridge the gap created by extended lead times presently being experienced by many manufacturers.

Team C have a strong set of goals and expertise, which are mirrored by FVTH, offering the very best in partnerships – with both parties having a real understanding of the complexities of the logistics business.

Aware of the essentials of customer service and ensuring compliance coverage the relationship started during COVID with supplying additional vehicles in a non-contractural commitment.  This allowed a period of testing the working practices, and as another major supplier withdrew it was a natural step for FVTH to grow their support for the fleet and supply additional vehicles on a contract basis.  The Team C Express fleet can depend on the support of the FVTH team to keep them on the road – reducing downtime and helping achieve maximum profitability.

A partnership destined to grow in strength and size over the coming years.

The service and personal treatment is really first class.  Always ready and willing to solve any problem with speed and a smile – necessary in our fast-moving business, where deadlines are short and always critical.

Tim Clements, Team C Express

The FVTH relationship with Team C Express shows when like-minded companies work together it can really be a bonus for both teams.  Short lines of communication and real understanding of the business model means efficiency and effectiveness for all.

Tim Houghton, FVTH