FVTH started working with PML some 20 years ago, right at the start of their journey.

From the beginning these family-run firms, have held similar underlying values.  The relationship began with short-term hires to meet the air freight commitments at Heathrow Airport.  These early years allowed for building an understanding of the business and how best to make the relationship work for both companies.  From these foundations the ways of working have developed, and a true partnership has grown.

Looking to the future, both companies are aware of the enormous step forward with alternative fuels and carbon neutral vehicles.  FVTH is in constant conversations with vehicle suppliers on the next stage of the journey.  This will change requirements for many customers and will probably mean restrictions for operators which may be very difficult to manage.   With such large changes it is necessary to be proactive and not just reactive, so Mike Parr from PML and Tim Houghton from FVTH, are joining with other industry experts to talk to, and work with, various governing bodies to navigate the impact of the clean air legislation on the distribution network.

Finding solutions

When PML was looking for better ways of reducing manual handling, discussion with FVTH led to effective problem solving, and the origination of a hydraulic roller bed system for rigids and trailers, which is now standard in any new PML vehicles. This innovation allowed for automated delivery from the plane to the distribution centre and reduced manual handling completely.  Reducing time, improving safety and ensuring that PML as ever was leading the way.  Both companies are constantly looking for ways of utilising pioneering innovations to make business more effective and efficient.

PML have had a working relationship with FVTH for 20-years.  It is essential we work with people who understand our business, and FVTH certainly do.  Supporting our fleet, they are a great team of people, committed to working with their clients.

Mike Parr, PML


FVTH appreciate their long-term customers, and PML are one of our most valued customers.  Time critical logistics are where we excel – supporting customers to give the best service they are able.  Their success is our success.

Tim Houghton, FVTH